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    Art with

    Mrs. Elhamad
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    Phone#  817-547-4800 ext #4971
                       ROOM #102                  
    Monday-Friday: 8:00 am- 8:30 am
    (unless I have morning duty)
    Tuesday & Thursday: 3:50 pm- 4:30 pm
    and if needed extra tutorials can be scheduled
     (IF I have afterschool Duty OR meetings students will be notified ahead of time)
    Period 1 - 7th/8th Grade Art 8:40am-9:26am
    Period 2 - 7th/8th Grade Advanced Art 9:30am-10:16am
    Period 3 - 7th/8th Grade Art 10:20am-11:06am
    Period 4 - 6th Grade Art 11:44am-12:30pm
    Lunch 12pm-12:30
    Period 5 - Conference 12:34pm-1:20pm
    Period 6 - 7th/8th Grade Art  1:24pm-2:10pm
    Period 7 - 6th Grade Art 2:14-3:00pm
    Period 8 - 7th/8th Grade Art 3:04-3:50pm
     Art fees are to be turned in to Mrs. Elhamad:
    Fees must/have to be paid before the end of the year or there will be a hold placed on your child.


    Click Here->  Next School Year Supply List OR just pay for the art fee for 2017-18 School Year. (includes all supplies that will remain in the classroom!)

    **This fee helps us pay for items the budget cannot cover like sculpture, printmaking, painting and much more!
    $5 For SEMESTER students and $10 for FULL YEAR students 
    Donation items:  
    *Newspaper (is a priority we can always use more)Disposable Cups
    *LARGE solid sheets of Thick CARDBOARD 
    *Tupperware (any size)
    *Paint Brushes (any type)
    *Old shirts (students can wear them when working with messy materials!)
    *Paper (any type, any color, lineless preferred)
    *Any Type of Art Materials!
     Any donation is ALWAYS Welcome and Appreciated!

    “A Touch of Class” is an opportunity for students, staff, parents and community members to recognize BISD employees for the positive work they do for children and the district.

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