eduphoria! Workshop Portfolio
    To receive credit for professional learning sessions offered in BISD, you must always register in advance and sign-in on the day of the training.
    There are also other ways to document professional learning on your portfolio:
    1. Did you attend training outside of the district? Did you get a certificate or credit form? If so, click here for instructions on how to request that the credit be added to your portfolio.
    2. Did you forget to register or sign-in for a course offered in BISD? Do you want to keep an electronic record of this course for your personal documentation? If so, click HERE.
    3. Would you like to document college courses or professional learning offered by a non-accredited provider? If so, click HERE.
     *Note: no district credit will be awarded for options 2 or 3; however, you may use Workshop to help you document all of your professional learning whether it counts toward district credit or not.