•  Language Arts

    Book Central--Cool site by Scholastic featuring children's book reviews, games, discussion boards, activities, and more. Useful to supplement class instruction or motivate readers.

    Can I Have a Word?--Combines writing, science, and social studies; students can read poetry of famous poets, then use visual and written prompts to create their own pieces.

    Citation Machine--Online tool uses visitor input to generate bibliographical citations in either MLA or APA formats.

    Dictionary.com--Online dictionary.

    Grammar and Writing Guide --Includes guides to parts of speech, research, all types of written essays/letters, etc.

    Internet and Language Arts --Secondary language arts activities and lessons.

    Poetry.com--Online collection of poetry in many styles; visitors may contribute their own poems to the site's monthly.

    Thesaurus.com--Online thesaurus.

    Turning the Pages--Amazing, interactive collection of historical pieces of literature from the British Museum. Visitors can virtually leaf through ancient manuscripts, unroll the earliest known book, a Chinese scroll printed in 868, view DaVinci's drawings, and more. Requires Shockwave.