• Meeting 4


    WHEN – February 8, 2011 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm (originally scheduled for 2/1/2011)


    WHERE – Omni Room, Haltom High School


    TOPIC – “All Things Printer”




    ·         Welcome & Introductions


    ·         Q&A/comment cards – write down questions, comments, or suggestions.  Answers and comments will be posted on website.


    ·         Attendance Drawing-Handhelds

    BISD Printers

    Lexmark - Models


    Epson Stand Alone-Phasing out

    Inkjets-Special Consideration


    Naming Convention – Location (Campus number/Organization Code)-Room/Area-Printer Type
    Example:  106-lib-lex, 047-ofc-lex1, 002-312-oce


    Install a Network Printer – Show movie and where it is on the website.


    Drivers – Newer images have all the printer drivers for all the models in the district already installed.  For older images, drivers can be accessed on our website links.  Use the PCL driver as opposed to the PS driver.  PCL is faster and uses fewer resources, and will likely print everything needed.  PS is slower, uses more resources, and is really only needed for extremely high resolution graphics. 




    1.       Always first….Turn printer off/on.  Look for a green link light on the printer where the network cable plugs into the printer.   Reboot computer that can’t print, also.

    2.       From computer that can’t print, ping the name of the printer.  Click Start, Run, cmd, ping 106-lib-lex.  The only works from a teacher workstation, or where a teacher logs in. If the printer replies, it is online.  If it times out, it is usually having a network problem.  Turn the printer off/on.  Still a problem, create a ticket.  Redirect to a working printer.

    3.       If printer is “down”, redirect to a working printer and create a ticket for problem computer.

    4.       Clear jam.  After successfully clearing the jam, if printer says it still has a jam, it may be a sensor problem.  Create a ticket.  Redirect to a working printer.  Sending email with pages for Clearing Jams in the manuals.

    5.       For 921 or 922 service fuser/printhead errors, create a ticket.  You can try to turn printer off/on, but fix is temporary.  Part will need to be replaced.  Redirect to a working printer.

    6.       Redirecting can be as simple as selecting a different default printer if more than one is already set up.  If not,  get name of 2nd closet printer and set up on user’s computer.

    7.       Show tray, and problem with paper size letter/universal.


    What’s going on…

    Q &A