• Meeting 3
    WHEN - December 7, 2010 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm-ish
    WHERE - Birdville Center of Technology and Advanced Learning - Omni Room
    TOPIC - KACE, New Website Progress, Live Demo - Projectors
    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Q&A  cards - questions for Q&A session
    • Attendance drawing
    • Live Demo - hooking projectors to various devices (Jon Norris)
    • Progress with new website
    • Attendance drawing
    • KACE overview
    • Attendance drawing
    • Q&A - answers to questions submitted during the session

    Can we get a copy of Windows7 for home use?
    Not from BISD at this time.
    How do you map a computer to a copier machine?
    We will write an article an place it under the printer section.  Look for it very soon.
    How do we get more training on the website?
    Each campus has a webmaster.  If they are not able to assist you, then you may want to contact your campus ITS.  The ITS can help and they can also put you in contact with other ITS staff who have more intimate knowledge of using HTML and the web creator package used by the district.
    U-Stream training?
    It is recommended you contact your campus ITS and ask them for help.  If they cannot  help you, they should know someone who can.
    What is the procedure for cleaning projectors? Who cleans them?
    You are welcome to open a ticket and have a TIMS technician come out to clean the device.  The manual for the projector gives specific instructions on cleaning the device as well.  You might take a look under the projector page of this website and view the projector care tips documents before attempting any type of cleaning activity on a projector.
    Where do we send our empty toner cartridges?
    Talk to your campus secretary because some brands of toner, especially Lexmark, have a return program that includes a return mailer, otherwise interoffice your empty cartridge to the warehouse.

    More drawings!
    Shirley Goolsby interjected that librarians are another resource to collect old/defunct/nonfunctional electronics at campuses.  Don't throw anything in the trash!
    Cables to projectors and other devices running across the floors were a concern.  Much of this has to do with the location of the teachers desk and other equipment.
    If sound to a projector is an issue, you may be missing an audio cable.  Simply put in a service request asking for an audio cable.