• Meeting 1
    WHEN - September 14, 2010 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm-ish
    WHERE - TIMS Blue Room, TIMS Dept., Shannon Learning Center
    TOPIC - "Setting the Stage"  - Expectations, New Website, Ticketing System
    • Welcome & Introductions
    • Q&A cards - questions for the Q&A session
    • What to expect this year
      • Meetings - dates and times
      • Duration - 1 hour
      • Format - part how-to demo with specialist / part Q&A / follow-ups
      • Venue - TIMS, other locations, distance learning?, Web 2.0 methods?
      • Appreciation Dinner
    • Attendance Drawing
    • Duties / Expectations of the role
      • Front line support
      • Communications
      • TECH INFO
    • Tour of New Website
      • Quick overview of main page
      • Get Help!
        • For Liaisons
        • The Survey
    • Tour of Grouplink
      • Quick overview
      • Quick tour of features
    • Attendance Drawing
    • Q&A - answers to questions submitted during the session

    Is there a databank of teachers around the world willing to Skype/Tokbox by grade level?
    I googled your question and it actually brought back a lot of choices.  Give it a shot!
    Can we just get the free voicemail app for the iTouches instead of buying microphones?
    I would discuss this with Cheryl McKnight.  She is one of the ITS who is heading up iDevices that are used at the campuses.  Email cheryl.mcknight@birdvilleschools.net
    Can you resend the local admin passwords?
    I can and I will.  For now, all teachers are members of a particular security group that "should" allow them access to perform actions of an administrator on their machines.
    What this means is that teachers should already have administrator access on teacher and student machines.
    Should we use the CC: field when creating or changing a ticket?
    You can BUT, be extra sure that you type in the EXACT and CORRECT email address to who you are copying the message.
    Who is in charge of the AR/Star Reader on each elementary campus?
    Jonathan Norris.  He can be reached at x5651 or jonathan.norris@birdvilleschools.net
    Other than adjuisting the keystone on a projector, is there any fix for projectors with screens that are crooked?
    Adjusting the keystone is the fix.  The only other thing that could have caused this problem is if someone somehow bumped the projector out of place on the ceiling.
    Reimaging of labs vs. individual PC?
    Please create one ticket if a whole lab or several computers in ONE location need reimaging.  Please create individual tickets per machine with the Dell tag, if it's a broken part in an unusuable condition. 
    What do I do with old or broken technology?
    ***DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY****  Our best advice is to collect small things in a box and once the box gets full, let your campus tech know to take it back to TIMS via a ticket.  Unless it's something humongous, do not send it to the warehouse.
    Are broken TVs every going to be fixed?
    We are at a crossroads (9/2010).  We are in the midst with testing some media systems that may possibly make the televisions obsolete.  Depending on what solution is chosen and what location that is implemented, you may not need your TV anymore.  In the meantime, we are aware of several broken TVs and hope to have a decision in the next few months.

    Thanks for making the Help Desk message shorter!
    Could we NOT always have the meetings on Tuesdays?  I understand the time, but maybe switch days?
    Last year we decided to send the TECH INFO messages to the liaisons and the secretaries.  This would be a good backup system if the liaisons weren't on campus.  Principals aren't always near their email at school.
    Request that liaison create an "out of office" message so you will know when they are not forwarding the TECH INFO.
    As far as venue, BCTAL is easily centered within the district.  I can setup on of the computer labs easily for meetings.
    We would like a set of first line supplies e.g. mice, cords