• Liaison Meetings
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    The intention of the meeting is to provide a forum for short trainings, information exchange, general Q&A, and gathering feedback so we can improve our operations.
    Format & Content
    Ideally the meetings should last about an hour.
    The first part of the meeting will be a topic discussion or how-to session with specialists demonstrating specialized knowledge.  This gives liaisons the opportunity to ask specific questions with an expert present with hopes of increasing their understanding and making their campus-level duties easier to perform. 
    The last part of the meeting will allow for general questions and answers about anything related to technology, systems, or operations.
    Online surveys will be posted to gather ideas from the liaisons.
    The first and last meetings will be held at the TIMS department.  To make things more interesting, we will hold others meetings at various locations such as the BCTAL, school campuses, and potentially online or via distance learning sessions.