• End of Year Procedures - May 2011
    Things to consider and do before you leave for summer are located here.
    Following these procedures will make your return a much smoother experience.
    Print this page and use it as a check list!

    Buildings are cleaned during Summer and some may undergo renovations.  Furniture and equipment is moved during the Summer.  Labeling is the quickest way to ensure equipment goes back to its original location.  Ask your liaison or front office for labels.  Click here for label template.



    Computer - teacher label with room#, "TEACHER" - place on chassis and monitor  
    Computer - student label with room#, "STUDENT" - place on chassis and monitor  
    Computer - labs label with room# - place on chassis and monitor  
    Computer - office label with office area, "OFFICE" - place on chassis and monitor  
    Printers label with room#, hallway# if it’s a network printer  
    Phones label with room#  
    Projector on cart label with room#  - INCLUDE POWER CABLE + SPLITTER  
    Document cameras label with room#  - INCLUDE POWER CABLE + SPLITTER  
    * Email is purged the first week of July every year.
    * Email backup must be done at your campus computer before you leave for the summer,  will not work through your webmail.
    It is YOUR responsibility to backup your email BEFORE July 1.
    Data backup - This is simply copying critical business/education data from your local computer hard drive to the U: drive.
    U: drives - Staff U: drives will hold 10Gb.  Student U: drives will hold 5Gb.
    Staff U: drives are not purged during the Summer.
    **Student U: drives ARE PURGED during Summer***. Students will need to archive the data they want to keep onto CD/DVD/thumb drives.
    EMAIL and DATA
    Email - backup
    Data - backup
    U: drive - purge
    End of Year Gradebook Report
    Leaving voicemail and computer login account is helpful in the event of emergencies or if you have forgotten while away for Summer.



    Voicemail leave phone extension# + password with secretary  
    Computer login leave username + password with secretary