Peyton Hining
  • Peyton Hining

    7th - Grade RLA Teacher and Coach 

    Watauga Middle School (817) 547-4800



    8:10am - 8:33am

    Wednesday (in the Gym)

    4:00pm - 4:30pm

    Conference Period:

    2:28pm - 3:12pm


    8:40am - 9:24am (7th Grade Athletics)

    9:28am - 10:12am (2nd and 4th RLA block)

    10:16am- 10:38am (Warrior Time)

    10:42am - 11:26am (2nd and 4th RLA block)

    11:30am - 12:00pm (lunch)

    12:04pm - 12:48pm (5th and 6th RLA block)

    12:52pm- 1:36pm (5th and 6th RLA block)

    1:40pm - 2:24pm (PLC)

    2:28pm - 3:12pm (Conference Period)

    3:16pm - 4:00pm (8th Grade Athletics)