Portrait of a Graduate Video

  • The strategic mission of Birdville ISD is to ensure that all students position themselves to excel with integrity in an ever-changing, global society. Embedded in this mission is the commitment to provide students with innovative and responsive learning environments where graduates are empowered learners, responsible citizens, global competitors and innovative entrepreneurs.

    To be prepared for success in college and the workplace, a Birdville ISD graduate is a/an:

    Empowered Learner

    • Applies knowledge and skills mastered through well-rounded, comprehensive, rigorous and relevant learning experiences
    • Communicates effectively for different audiences and purposes through authentic reading, writing, listening and speaking
    • Seeks opportunities to learn and grow in response to an ever-changing world

    Responsible Citizen

    • Collaborates effectively with teams, both as a contributor and a leader, to accomplish a common goal with a commitment to service
    • Balances physical, mental and emotional health through reflection, self-evaluation and selfadvocacy
    • Demonstrates ethical behaviors exhibiting integrity, respect and accountability

    Global Competitor

    • Demonstrates knowledge of and empathy for cultural, economic, environmental and social issues across the world
    • Values the importance of diversity in life and careers
    • Exhibits academic, technological and workplace competence within a global environment Innovative


    • Solves problems through collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation
    • Takes calculated risks, learns from mistakes and is resilient in the face of challenges
    • Embraces and applies passions to execute plans and accomplish career and life goals