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    Saturday, May 21, 2022
    Donald Hull, BME, University of Houston 2006
    HHS Buffalo since 2008 
    Office Phone: 817-547-6051 
    Conference Time: 1:54pm - 2:40pm
    For more information visit http://haltomband.org

    Picture of Mr. Hull with the Band  

    Welcome to Donald Hull's teacher website.
    Period 1
    Advanced Brass (Fall) / Symphonic Winds (Spring)
    Period 2
    Advanced Woodwinds (Fall) / Symphonic Band I & 2 (Spring)
    Period 3
    Freshman Woodwinds (Fall) / Concert Band A (Spring)
    Period 4
    Freshman Brass (Fall) / Concert Band B (Spring)
    Period 5
    AP Music Theory
    Period 6
    Jazz Band
    Period 7
    Color Guard
    After School


    For a current calendar of upcoming events, visit http://www.haltomband.org/calendar.
    Keep the Spirit!!!!!!