• Empowered 2020 innovative learning conference

    The Birdville Nest EmpowerED Conference Returns for 2020!


    With a different look and schedule, EmpowerED 2020 is going to be the best innovative learning conference of the Halloween season. Come and join educators from around the world for three nights of tricks and treats that will transform your teaching. Sign up now for EmpowerED 2020 because the learning will be scary good!


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  • EmpowerED 2019


    What is EmpowerEd19?

    Join other educators who want to make a difference by transforming the learning that goes on in their schools, classrooms, and beyond. Get ideas to design engaging, personalized, and connected learning experiences and environments. Learn how to create and leverage strategic, active partnerships with experts, family, and community members. 


    Fuse best and next innovative practices by harnessing the potential of technology and become empowered with knowledge and resources to innovate and transform teaching and learning when you return to school on Monday. 

  • Double Edcamp with pics of teachers


    Edcamp Birdville invites all educators to participate! 

    Edcamp is a free "un-conference" for educators by educators to share ideas, network and collaborate. It's also an innovative way to empower attendees in a participant-driven professional learning event where they are the stars! Sessions are determined by participants and you decide what is most relevant to you. It's all about educator voice and choice!

    Our Next Edcamp is February 29, 2020!

  • 12 Days of Innovation Summit

    What is the 12 Days of Innovation Summit?

    The 12 Days of Innovation Summit is an entirely online educational conference reaching educators across 25+ countries all around the world. #12DaySummit provides accessible, innovative professional development from experts within and outside of education to break out of traditional models and innovate to improve education beyond the status quo.

  • Birdville Nest at TCEA

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