Mabel L. Figueroa
  • I have been teaching for several years.  I have taught 2nd gradel as well as 5th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies with a focus in Early American History; and also, 6th grade English Language Arts.  I am looking forward to teaching 6th grade Social Studies and specifically World Cultures and  Geography.  I love to serve others; cook; read, travel and I am passionate about education and inspiring our future generations.  I am so super excited and honored to have this opportunity  to be able to teach and share with my learners the wonderful world that we live in.  It is my hope to take my learners beyond the four walls of our classroom and take them for a spin around the world.  Honestly, my desire is to both inspire them to want to learn, and make our world a better place.  

    If you need anything this year please feel free to reach out to me.  My goal is to work to my best ability to make sure our learners are successful.


    Conference: 2nd period 9:34 - 10:19

    My number is 817-547-4101