Shelby Griffith
  •          Shelby Griffith

    Student Support Specialist

         (Graduation Coach)

          BHS Office: (817) 547-8029

         RHS Office: (817) 547-7021

             Cell: (469) 645-8031 



  • As a Student Support Specialist, formerly known as a Graduation Coach, I provide support to students that might be struggling in school and help to find resources to make sure your child is on a path to success. I help a variety of students that need support in different ways and work to support my students based on their individual needs. Various hardships, transition to high school and different situations in life can affect a student’s performance in school. They may have attendance issues, lack of motivation, poor engagement, behavioral problems, personal problems, family problems, troubles outside of school, failing grades or struggles focusing. There may be other barriers or academic concerns that could cause difficulties at school.

    Students may be behind academically or dealing with a variety of things. They may feel there is no HOPE to “fix” their grade or academic situation, credit situation or get caught back up. Sometimes they may feel there is no way to get back on track for whatever reason. Whatever the case may be, having someone advocate for them or someone there to help support them is always a good thing! I want students to stay in school and graduate and I am here to help make that goal into a reality.

    Too many children in our community arrive in the classroom with the weight of the world keeping them from being able to concentrate on learning and thriving.  By empowering students to achieve in school and life, we are building a better community, where every person is capable of reaching his or her greatest potential.

    Sometimes your child may need alternatives to a traditional campus, seek other avenues in order to graduate or to get back on the right track. I have many resources and other alternative options that we may need to look into to help your child be successful. I definitely want what is in the best interest for your child to succeed and reach their dreams and goals!

    I also help students that might have dropped out of school and would like to return to school or are thinking about dropping out of school. There is always HOPE to finish school! Please, please contact me and we can work out a plan or figure out an alternative to get you or your loved one through!

    As I have 13 years experience, it definitely is my passion and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love helping students succeed, find their strengths, find HOPE and achieve in life! Previously, I worked in the mental health field providing crisis and suicide prevention, intake, case management services, psychosocial rehab, assessments and received my QMHP credential.

    Please feel free to contact me and we can schedule a meeting or I can answer any questions you may have.  I work at Birdville High School and Richland High School, along with all their feeder schools and DAEP. I also work with all of Shannon High School students whose home campuses would be BHS or RHS.