Photo of Owen Nesbitt
  • EdTech advocate David Guerin said recently that “Classrooms do not need technology nerds that can teach. They need teaching nerds who can use technology.” That last sentence sums up Owen Nesbitt.  He has spent the better part of two decades dedicated to the betterment of students and teachers alike. Teaching is his magnum opus and his raison d’etre. He has taught every class possible in secondary English. He still grades the AP test. Throughout his seven years in educational technology, he has tried to be the standard bearer for best practices with tech integration. His grounding and passion for academics and learning in general combined with his constant search for tools that engage students and make teachers more efficient is what makes him an excellent technology integrator.

    Owen serves Haltom Middle, Watauga Middle and Richland High School as an educational resource to empower teachers with technology.  He constantly researches technology trends and pedagogical best practices and shares that knowledge with teachers.  He consults with teachers on the best ways to achieve curricular ends. He assists teachers with technology-rich activities such as project based learning and general research.  He team teaches. He models and writes technology embedded lessons for teachers.



    phone: 817-547-3932

    Follow Owen on Twitter: @the_nez