John Muñoz
  • John D. Muñoz

    English Language Arts and Reading Teacher

    817-547-4800 Extension 4992



    Please schedule tutorials with me through my email during online learning.



    10:24am-11:09am    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    10:16am-10:57am    Tuesday and Thursday



    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday                                                         

    8:40am-9:10am        Online English Language Arts Lesson              

    9:10am-9:40am       Online Reading Lesson

    9:40am-10:10am    Zoom one-on-one Meetings

    10:24am-11:09am     Conference Period                     

    11:15am-12:00pm     ELAR 6 Block II In Classroom

    12:06pm-12:51pm     ELAR 6 Block II In Classroom (cont'd)     

    12:57pm-1:27pm       Lunch                               

    1:33pm-2:18pm         ELAR Professional Learning     

    2:24pm-3:09pm         ELAR Block III In Classroom

    3:15pm-4:00pm         ELAR Block III In Classroom (cont'd)          

    Tuesday and Thursday

    8:40am-9:10am        Online English Language Arts Lesson              

    9:10am-9:40am       Online Reading Lesson

    9:40am-10:10am     Zoom one-on-one Meetings

    10:16am-10:57am     Conference Period                     

    11:03am-11:44am     ELAR 6 Block II In Classroom

    11:50am-12:31pm     ELAR 6 Block II In Classroom (cont'd)     

    12:37pm-1:07pm      Lunch                               

    1:13pm-1:54pm        ELA Professional Learning     

    2:00pm-2:41pm        ELAR Block III In Classroom

     2:47pm-3:13pm      Online Mentoring Enrichment       

    3:19pm-4:00pm        ELAR Block III In Classroom (cont'd)