• Lindsey Reese

    Ms. Reese’s Art Room

    Phone: 817-547-4779

    E-mail: lindsey.reese@birdvilleschools.net

    Conference Time: 5th 11:52 – 12:36

    Welcome to the art room! My name is Ms. Reese and this is my fifth year teaching art. I will respond to e-mail and (phone) voicemail as soon as possible-- usually within one day. There are only two things your student needs to do in order to succeed: do the work to the best of their ability and make good behavior choices. If they are struggling, I offer tutorials Tuesdays and Thursdays.

     My tutorials:

    I offer Tutorials Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15- 8:35 am and 3:50-4:10.

    Tutorials are for your student to finish/make up work or receive additional instruction.

    Students DO NOT need to schedule a tutorial ahead of time-- all they need to do is come!


    My daily schedule:

    Per. 1 (8:40-9:24) 7th/ 8th grade art

    Per. 2 (9:28-10:12) 7th/ 8th art

    Per. 3 (10:16- 11:00) 7th/ 8th art

    Per. 4 (11:04-11:48) select art

    Per. 5 (11:52 – 12:36) Conference 

    Per. 6 (1:28-2:14) 6th grade art

    Per. 7 (2:18-3:02) 6th grade art

    Per. 8 (3:06-3:50) 6th grade art


    Classroom Rules:

    1) Be on time ready to go when the bell rings.

    2) Interact positively with others. 

    3) Follow the CHAMPS.