picture of Marlena Porter
  • Marlee Porter

    Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor 

  • Class Schedule:

    1st period (7:30am-8:17am)-- Sports Medicine II/ Athletics

    2nd period (8:23am-9:10am)-- Athletic Training

    3rd period (9:16am-10:03am)-- Athletic Training

    4th period (10:09am-10:56am)-- Athletic Training

    5th period (11:02am-12:56pm)-- Sports Medicine III/ Athletics 

    6th period (1:02pm-1:48pm)-- Conference Period

    7th period (1:54pm-2:40pm)-- Sports Medicine III/ Athletics  


    Conference Period: 6th Period (1:02pm-1:48pm)

    Tutorials: 7:00am-7:30am, and 2:40pm-3:15pm 

  • Email: marlena.porter@birdvilleschools.net

    Office phone number: 817-547-6113