Honors Reading Challenge for BISD Middle Schools

    • Are you up for the challenge?

      Here's how it works.
      Step 1:  Choose a book to read.  Click here for a list of the titles.
      Step 2:  See the faculty member reading your book and set up a conference time.
      Step 3:  Read and fill out the discussion questions.  Click here for the form.
      Step 4:  Meet with your faculty Reading Partner  Be sure you take your discussion pages.  Kindly remind your sponsor to turn your form in to Ms. Collier. 
      Step 5:  Repeat Steps 1-4 with a new book.
      You are now entered to win one of these great prizes!!!


      Grade Level Prizes

      $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble
      (one per grade level per school; each book is an entry to win)

      Grand Prize

      2 Tickets to NRH20
      (one set per school; every 3 books is an entry to win)

      Super Grand Prize

      appl ipad
      Apple iPad Mini 2
      (one per school; every 3 books is an entry to win)  
       Prizes will be drawn in order of Super Grand Prize, Grand Prize, Grade Level Prize.
      Once you have won, you may not win an additional prize.

      For more information,
      Remember that these titles are advanced reading.  Some themes and content will be for a mature reader.  If you read something that makes you uncomfortable or doesn't line up with your family's values, please return the book and choose another title.