• Registration & Courses

    Cost associated with Accelerated and Credit Recovery Courses:

    In District Students:

    • Accelerated online courses are $85 per course.
    • There is no cost to the student if an online credit recovery course is assigned to a PAL online instructor and/or taken in the PAL lab on your home campus.

    Out Of District Students:

    • Credit Recovery and Accelerated online courses are $200 per course.

    Registration Process - It is required you meet with your counselor before registering!

    1. For those students interested in registering for an original credit course, please complete both the online student survey and the application before you speak with your counselor and register for an online course. To see how you scored on your survey, click here.
    2. For those students registering for a credit recovery course, please complete the online application before you speak with your counselor. Your counselor will register you for your credit recovery course. You are not required to take the student survey.
    3.  Applications must be approved by the student's counselor and may take several days to process. The registration process will not take long if the online application is completed before you see your counselor. Course requests will be processed in the order they are received. Completion of application does not guarantee enrollment. You must see your counselor to register for any online course.
    4. Check your Birdville ISD Google email. Students will be notified of enrollment status through their Birdville Google ISD email. Parents will be notified through their submitted parent email.
    5.  After confirmation of your enrollment email, have your parent or guardian log into RevTrak to pay the course fee. Click for Birdville Online Course Payment.
    6.  Prior to the course start date, students will receive a reminder email with log in and getting started information. All BISD Online courses are hosted in Compass Learning.  Students log in with the BISD network log in and password. 



    • Your application and survey must be submitted and approved by the student’s counselor and high school principal or designee prior to enrollment in an online course.
    • Students will only be enrolled in an online course for high school credit after the completion of the seventh grade, unless the principal or designee determines there are extenuating circumstances.
    • High school seniors may take BISD online courses their senior year, but all online courses must be completed and grade posted no later than April 18th. All online content must be completed so that Final senior rank and GPA’s can be determined on April 21st.
    • Students will be awarded credit for courses taken through Compass after the official grade report is submitted to the principal or designee.
    • Courses taken through Compass will be included in calculating students’ grade point averages (GPA) in accordance with Birdville ISD grading and reporting guidelines. Courses will be awarded grade points consistent with the grade points specified for the course as offered in the District.
    • Students receiving credit for a course taken through Compass must fulfill State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) End of Course (EOC) testing requirements for any course that has a mandated assessment.
    • Additional registration and payment forms may be required when enrolling in a BISD online provided course. Check with your campus counselor.
    • All courses taken through BISD Online which count towards high school graduation requirements, are not eligible for exemption as in the case of an advanced class, and are subject to the UIL No Pass-No Play rule.
    • Compass online courses are not NCAA approved.
    • All semester exams must be proctored by Birdville ISD staff at BISD facilities.
    • There are no final exam exemptions for online courses.