Having face-to-face interaction with my instructors and fellow students is:

    1. a) Very important to me. Score 1 point. If you know you learn best in a face-to-face setting, then online courses may not be the best match for your learning style. Online courses are designed to be self-directed and self-paced, with most communications is in the form of email or online conferences between students and instructors.
    2. b) Somewhat important to me. Score 2 points. A traditional classroom might be a better match for your learning style, since much of the communication between students and instructors takes place electronically rather than face-to-face. ​
    3. c) Not particularly important to me. Score 3 points. You will probably feel comfortable in an online course, where communications between students and the instructor happen mostly by email, chat, online conferences, etc.


    Please select which best describes your organizational skills:

    1. a) Has good organizational skills and often completes assignments ahead of time. Score 3 points. You will need to be organized and able to effectively manage your time in order to be a successful online learner.
    2. b) Has average organizational skills and sometimes misses assignments or delays work. Score 2 points. You will want to improve your organizational skills, as it will be 100% your responsibility to keep up with the online assignments and exams.
    3. c) Has poor organizational skills and tends to fall behind on assignments. Score 1 point. Our online courses have a rigorous pace, so you will need to be organized to successfully manage your time in keeping up with the assignments.


    I am a motivated and self-directed learner:

    1. a) Always Score 3 points. Our most successful students have strong self-discipline and strive for above-average academic achievement.
    2. b) Sometimes Score 2 points. It is essential to remain self-motivated and self-directed in order to be successful in our program. If you need teachers constantly nudging you to log in and do your work, then you are probably not a good match for our online program.
    3. c) Rarely - I usually need someone to show me what needs to be done Score 1 point. Online courses are designed for students who can work independently. While our online instructors are available to help provide assistance, successful students must be independent, self-directed learners who are motivated to succeed.


    Describe your writing skills are:

    1. a) Above Average: I use a draft or outline form before writing a final draft. Score 3 points. Online learning requires effective written communication skills, as well as the ability to produce essay-style responses for assignments and assessments.
    2. b) Average: I use two or three drafts to correct spelling, grammar and mechanics errors. Score 2 points. The written assignments for our online courses may take you longer to complete, but you can still be successful if you keep working to improve your writing skills and seek assistance from an instructor.
    3. c) Below Average: I turn in my first draft and do not check my work. Score 1 point. Students who are satisfied with doing the minimum to complete written assignments are probably not good candidates for an online course.


    My reading skills are:

    1. a) Excellent: I understand most of what I read and can summarize the main ideas easily. Score 3 points. It is essential to be reading at or near grade level in order to understand the course content and to be able to follow the directions for assignments and assessments.
    2. b) Average: I sometimes need help understanding what I have read and find myself reading the passage several times. Score 2 points. It may take you a bit longer to complete the assignments for our online courses, however you can still be successful if you continue working to improve your reading skills.
    3. c) Below Average: I often have difficulty understanding written material. Score 1 point. Online learning involves a large amount of reading, mostly on the computer. Solid grade-level reading skills are essential for success in any online program.


    When I am working a problem during class, or with my homework:

    1. a) I review the directions, use my notes, check my work, and try to work through the problem myself. Score 2 points. It is good to try your best to work things out on your own, but you also must be willing to contact your instructor whenever you need help.
    2. b) I feel comfortable asking my teacher for help. Score 3 points. Successful online students feel comfortable and confident in asking questions and contacting their instructors for assistance.
    3. c) I leave the problem blank and move on. Score 1 point. Willingness to ask questions, especially asking for help when needed, is a significant success factor in an online course. If your online instructor does not hear from you, he/she has no way of knowing that you do not understand the material.


    If I am unable to seek help during the school day or take a proctored exam:

    1. a) I have transportation available to get to campus outside of the school day. Score 3 points. While most of the curriculum is provided online through Compass, students must report to campus for proctored exams or tutoring.
    2. b) I will not be able to get transportation to a campus consistently. Score 1 point. There are times when online students must report to a campus, so having transportation is a necessity.
    3. c) I can probably get to campus if I make arrangements ahead of time. Score 2 points. Students are advised ahead of time from their online instructor to attend tutorials for which they must meet face to face on campus, so transportation may be scheduled in advance.


    When it comes to effectively managing my time:

    1. a) I usually put things off until the last minute. Score 1 point. Online students often discover that they run out of time to earn a satisfactory grade if they let themselves fall behind during the course.
    2. b) I usually complete most of the day’s to-do list. Score 2 points. Online students are most successful when they set aside 2 to 3 hours per day for coursework in their online class in order to complete the course in a timely manner.
    3. c) I usually accomplish everything I set out to do in a day. Score 3 points. Being able to efficiently manage your time will help to ensure your success in our online program.

    Which statement best describes your Internet/computer skills?

    1. a) I am very confident in my keyboarding skills and feel confident using email, web browsers, search engines, and even Remind texts. You will be using these tools in all of our online courses.
    2. b) I have average keyboarding skills and a working knowledge of how to use email, web browsers, search engines. Score 2 points. You should do just fine in our online courses.
    3. c) I am a beginning keyboarder and am fairly new at using email, web browsers, search engines. Score 1 point. These tools are essential to completing the online courses, so you will want to strengthen these skills in order to be successful.


    I can schedule ____ hours per weekday for my online classes.

    1. a) 5 to 7 Score 2 points. You might not need to spend this many hours each day, although if you have extra time available for any assignments and assessments that may take longer than expected, you should utilize this time.
    2. b) 3 to 4 Score 3 points. Most successful online students allocate at least 4 hours per day to their online course. You may find that you spend less time on your easier subjects and more time on those more difficult courses. You may even choose to continue working on weekends if you should ever fall behind and need to catch up. You can always accelerate your course and finish early.
    3. c) 1 to 2 Score 1 point. Most successful online students devote at least 2 hours per day on their online course. For most students, 2 hours or less per day would not be enough time to effectively cover the course content and provide quality work on your assignments.



    To help determine whether the Birdville Online Academy is a good match for your personal learning styles, skills and preferences, please compare your total score above with the scale below:

    • 20 points or higher – Online learning could be a good match for you.
    • 15 to 18 points – Online learning can work for you, but you may need to make a few adjustments in your schedule and study habits to succeed.
    • Less than 15 points – Online learning may not be the best match to your learning styles, skills and preferences. You could still be successful if you are willing to make a considerable commitment to becoming self-motivated, self-directed, well-organized and driven towards academic achievement.



    Please remember to record your “Readiness for Online Learning” quiz score for future reference