Richland Elementary 

Parent Involvement Policy





As per Public Law 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act, Richland Elementary has adopted the following policy to ensure that the staff coordinates all possible programs to provide quality services to our children and families. This policy affords parents substantial and meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.


Our goal is to maximize opportunities for all parents to participate in ways that will help all children to be successful in meeting the State’s academic content and academic achievement standards. In addition, we strive to provide opportunities for parents to assist us in maximizing our students’ potential to become successful citizens upon completion of their public school careers. 


To reach our goal, the staff and representative parents have drafted the following policy outlining the ways in which parents are encouraged to participate in the life of the school and the ways we will reach out to parents.  




The staff at Richland Elementary invites parents to offer suggestions for improving our efforts to involve parents in meaningful ways. Please call Kerri Sands at (817) 547-2000 or email at to give us your suggestions or to discuss opportunities for you to work directly with us.


Richland Elementary Involvement Strategies





Evaluation Measure(s)


Participation in parent

Sept. 2016

Involve parents in policy development through:

* Campus Policy


involvement policy


* SBDM Meetings

* Written parent suggestions













PTA Meetings

Letter home

*Suggestion Box







Participation in decision


Involve parents in planning, implementing, and

* Site-based meeting sign-ins


making for Title I 


evaluating Title I Program:

* Agenda




* SBDM Meetings

* STAAR results






*Parent Survey


* Survey Results



Communicate program

Grade Level

Provide information about:



information to all

Meetings and 

* Participation in Title I

* Parent sign -in sheets




* Curriculum description

* Signed portion of compact



On-going Aug. 

* Provide copy of school-parent compact (conference)

* STAAR, ISIP (reading assessment),



 2016-May 2017

* State and local assessments and expectations for

   Campus Based Assessments, 





  student proficiency

   STAR Screener (math assessment) 





On-going Aug. 


 * Curriculum news through newsletters and websites


* Scheduled meetings





2016-May 2017




Parent sign-in sheets

Parent feedback






On-going Aug.


* Provide communications about meetings, parent


* Copies of all letters sent home in 



2016-May 2017

   programs and other activities in their native language 

   native language




* Provide communications to parents on teacher websites

* Copies of all principal letters posted




* Provide communications to parents utilizing our digital

   on principal website





* Continually updated websites and
















Provide communications to parents on campus fan page 


Provide communications to parents using School 

  Messenger (phone calling system)














Shared responsibility for


Utilize the school-parent compact:

* Compacts will be given at first


student achievement

Sept. 2016

* Develop

   parent-teacher conference




* Distribute

* Parents will sign that they have









Oct. 2017






Provide in native language

Curriculum Night

   received the compact





Build capacities of parents

On-going Aug. 

Curriculum Night and Conferences assist parents in 

* Parent sign-in sheet for these events



2016-May 2017


* Parent attendance






















*                     State academic content (TEKS)

*                     State academic achievement standards (STAAR, ISIP,

STAR screener)

*                     Ways to monitor progress

*                     Ways to work with teachers to improve achievement * Provide training and materials to parents to help them    work with their children

*                     PTA Nights

*Family Nights (Museum Night)

*Kinder Round Up

*Rosie Ready for PreK parents

* Student performance








Coordinate and integrate

On-going Aug. 

* Coordinate parent involvement under Title I with 

* Minutes from meetings


Title I parent program 

2016-May 2017

   English Second Language (ESL),  Gifted and Talented




with other parent  programs



  (G/T), Special Education, 504, Dyslexia, and Aspire





Provide transitional

Second Semester

* 5th grade visit to Richland Middle School

* Parent sign-in sheets


support to parents and


* Richland Middle School visits with band instruments

* Calendar dates recorded




* Utilize Counselor to coordinate parent and student

* Student participation in choir and













   transitional activities

*                     Transitional Admission Review and Dismissal (ARD) for    students served in Special Education 

*                     Kindergarten Roundup

   band activities





Provide networking 


* Meet the Teacher Night

* Parent sign-in sheets


opportunities for our


* BooHoo/WooHoo Breakfast 

* Calendar Dates recorded



Sept. 2016

* Grandparent's Dinner

* Parent and student surveys



Oct. 2016

* Birdville High School Homecoming Parade




Each 6 weeks

* Awards Assemblies



Provide networking 

3 times 

* Scholastic Book Fair



opportunities for our

December 2016

*Pancakes with Santa







Families (continued)





April 2017

March 2017

May 2017

May 2017


*Spring Carnival






* Public School Week

* Kindergarten Celebration

* 5th grade Celebration

* Field Trip Volunteer Program 



4 events

* PTA Meetings (Sept., Nov., April,  & May)




December 2016 & April 2017

* PTA Activity Nights





* Field Trips





*Aspire Activities




December 2016

* Spelling Bee




February 2017

February 2017


*Battle of the Books




3 times a year

* Valentine Dance


*Cupstacking Tournament

*Choir Performances