Maker Space for North Ridge MS

  • Workshops

    North Ridge will occasionally host a one-time opportunity for you to earn or create something, like coding, calligraphy or cake decorating.

    Look here for future workshops coming to North Ridge.



    Here are some sites that may spark your creativity.


     We are all Makers
     Genius Hour
      Renovated Learning


  • Makerspace comes to North Ridge MS!

    Join us Tuesday-Thursday from 8:00-8:30 for Maker Activities of your choice.  
    The Tech Lab will feature Scientist and Engineer track explorations, where you can build amusement park rides, create or program a robot and build circuits. 
    The Library will feature Artist and Journalist explorations. Design and build an architectural structure or a maze you can experience in 3D.  Learn a craft like sewing, knitting, origami or claymation.  
    Both sites will have 3D printers and electric cutters for you to use to design and create.

    View the videos and tutorials to expand your experience with our Maker activities at North Ridge.



    1.  Random Build Ideas -  Pick an idea of something to build by spinning  a wheel from Flippity.
        Flippity spinner
    2.  learnXdesign offers projects and activities that focus on design and engineering skills to be used in informal learning environments. Explore the site to find fun projects for all ages.


    3.  The Tech Museum of Innovation offers Design Challenge Learning Lessons in science and engineering.


    4. The Museum of Science offers Design Challenges to introduce students to the engineering design cycle.


    5. Design Squad Global has hands-on activities and videos to engage kids in engineering.