Gina Bergman
  • Gina Bergman

    7th-grade ELAR teacher

    Watauga Middle School (817)547-4800


    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

    by appointment in person or through Zoom 

    4:00pm -4:30pm

    Must sign up the day before.


    Conference Period:

    12:42 pm - 1:27 pm (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday) 

    12:26 pm - 1:07 pm (Tuesday/ Thursday)

    Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Schedule:

    8:40am - 9:25am (1st and 2nd ELAR block)

    9:31am - 10:18am (1st and 2nd ELAR block)

    10:24am - 11:09am (3rd and 4th ELAR block)

    11:15am - 11:45am (lunch)

    11:51 - 12:36pm (3rd and 4th ELAR block)

    12:42pm- 1:27pm (conference period- Zoom meeting available by appointment)

    1:33pm - 2:18pm (PLC)

    2:24pm - 3:09pm (7th and 8th ELAR block)

    3:15pm - 4:00pm (7th and 8th ELAR block)


    Tuesday/ Thursday Schedule:

    8:40am - 9:22am (1st and 2nd ELAR block)

    9:28am - 10:10am (1st and 2nd ELAR block)

    10:16am - 10:57am (3rd and 4th ELAR block)

    11:03am - 11:33am (lunch)

    11:39 - 12:20pm (3rd and 4th ELAR block)

    12:26pm- 1:07pm (conference period- Zoom meeting available by appointment)

    1:13pm - 1:54pm (PLC)

    2:00pm - 2:41pm (7th and 8th ELAR block)

    2:47pm - 3:13pm (mentoring)

    3:19pm - 4:00pm (7th and 8th ELAR block)


Last Modified on February 4, 2021