• Process for Addressing Parent Concerns/Complaints
    We are guided in our work at Holiday Heights Elementary School by Our Founding Beliefs & Guiding Principles and our Birdville School District’s School Board Policies. Our process for addressing and resolving parent concerns and complaints is based upon these two documents and our belief that we will create and sustain an atmosphere of trust, respect and productivity in a safe and nurturing environment, when we all agree to follow our process and work directly with the person with whom we have a concern.
    Our Founding Beliefs and Guiding Principles state:
    All of us – staff, students, and parents - will be respectful in all verbal and nonverbal communications to foster collaboration, compassion, problem solving, and resolution.
          • We will communicate openly and actively with all our community.
          • Courtesy, flexibility, and compassion will characterize how we interact with one another daily.
          • We will listen and seek first to understand, be timely, maintain confidentiality, and respect various points of view in all our          communications.
          • Policies and procedures will be communicated clearly and directly.
          • Communication about issues or concerns will take place among those directly involved only, with the intent to reach resolution.
          • All building and district policies and procedures will provide the objective framework we follow for resolving issues, e.g., student          placement, discipline, and personnel issues.