Mrs. Rios
  • Erlinda McGuire-Rios


    Conference: 10:10-11:00


    Mrs. McGuire-Rios’ Daily Schedule


    8:00-8:10                 Opening Activities: JOY Journal, Jobs

    8:10-8:15                Morning Announcements,  Pledges, Moment of Silence

    8:15-8:25- Morning Meeting

    8:25-9:20                READING WORKSHOP

                                    -Interactive Read Aloud/ Shared Read Aloud

    -Word Work

                                    -Mini Lesson

                                    -Literacy Work Stations/ Guided Reading

    9:20-10:10              Math Workshop:

    -Number Talks

    -Problem Solving

    -Math Lesson

    -Math Stations


    10:10- 11:00  Specials

    11:00-11:15- cont. Math

    11:15-11:23- Joy Journal

    11:23-11:53- Lunch

    12:00-12:45-Science:Introductory Activity, Vocabulary, Product, Journal, Wrap-up

    12:45-1:30-WIN/ Independent Reading/ Literacy Work Stations

    1:30- Recess

    1:45-2:30     WRITING WORKSHOP

                                   -Interactive/Shared Writing


                                  -Grammar Lesson ( Patterns of Power),5 min.

                                   -Focus Lesson, 10 min.

                                   -Individual Writing/Conferences, 25 min.

                                   -Teaching Share, 5 min.

    2:30-3:30  ESL/ Social Studies