• Kim Anderson

     Kim Anderson

    Phone: 817-547-4769

    E-mail: kim.anderson@birdvilleschools.net

    Conference Time: 2nd Period 9:30 - 10:16

    Welcome to my website and math class. Communication is KEY to helping your student have a successful year in math class. I will respond to e-mail and (phone) voicemail as soon as possible-- usually within one day. There are only two things your student needs to do in order to succeed: do the work to the best of their ability and make good behavior choices. If they are struggling, this can usually be helped by doing one of two things: turning in daily work on time and finished; also correcting low scores on assessments (quizzes and tests).

     My phone # (direct to the classroom): 817-547-4769

     My tutorials:

    2 mornings per week (T, Th) from 8:00-8:30;

    2 afternoons (T, Th) from 3:50-4:20.

    During 4 lunches per week (M, T, W, Th).

    These are where your student may: 1) correct a quiz or test, 2) get homework help, or 3) receive additional instruction.

    Students DO NOT need to schedule a tutorial ahead of time-- all they need to do is come!


    If you would like to schedule a conference:

    My conference period is 2nd(9:30- 10:16) daily. Some days, I can meet after school (M & W) or before school (8:00 on M, W & F); but I need to be able to plan for these ahead of time.

    My daily schedule:

    Per. 1 (8:40-9:26) Grade 6 Math 

    Per. 2  (9:30-10:16) conference

    Per. 3 (10:20- 11:06) Math Lab

    Lunch 11:06-11:35

    Per. 4 (11:40-12:26) Grade 6 Math 

    Per. 5 (11:45-1:21) Math Lab 

    Per. 6 (1:25-2:10) Grade 6 Math

    Per. 7 (2:14-3:01) Grade 6 Math PAP

    Per. 8 (3:05-3:50) Meetings


    Classroom Rules:

    1) Be in your seat on time with your work and supplies.

    2) Follow directions the first time they're given.

    3) Speak at appropriate times in an acceptable manner.

    4) Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    5) Respect yourself and others.

    *Frequent infractions can result in an N or U conduct grade.



    We believe that, in order to be successful in Math class, we should:

    1) work hard and try our best

    2) stay on task

    3) listen and pay attention

    4) do homework, and

    5) study.

Last Modified on September 11, 2017