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    The PRS program is designed to assist students who are pregnant or parenting in continuing their education. The main goal of the PRS Program is to prevent students from dropping out of school due to pregnancy or parenthood.

    The PRS Program offers assistance with a variety of services including prenatal health monitoring by school nurse, individual counseling, support groups, assistance obtaining childcare, transportation, job readiness training, and referrals for community resources. These services are assessed based on each student’s individual circumstances and needs, and depends on funding availability.

    The purpose of this program is to coordinate a standard district procedure to protect BISD students with children either born or unborn.  It is BISD’s desire to offer assistance to students by empowering them to continue their education and develop healthy lifestyles conducive to lifelong learning.  Their children will soon be BISD students.  Therefore, this program’s goal is to provide guidance so these children will enter school, and be ready to learn.  It is BISD’s belief that we can make a difference.