Welcome to Mrs. Silva ́s ESL and Newcomers Class! I really miss you so much! 

    “I plan to motivate, embrace, and activate students' knowledge as they excel in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English!” – Mrs. Silva

    STUDENTS Please go to Canvas to complete assignments starting on March 30th to April 3rd. 

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    Username: first letter of first name + middle initial + first 5 letters of last name (or complete last name if it’s 5 letters or less) + three assigned numbers 

    Ex: clsilva000 


    Do you still need an internet service? Call 844-488-8395 for free internet from Spectrum. Online learning will start on Monday, March 30th for all subjects. 

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    Opportunities to READ!

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    • Contact Mrs. Silva on:
    • Instagram: rmsenglish123
    • Google Classroom
    • Email: cynthia.silva@birdvilleschools.net

    Virtual Office in FlipGrid:

    • Go to flipgrid.com or open the Flipgrid App
    • Flip Grid Codes = CHECK CANVAS

    Google Classroom:

    Google Classroom Codes: Newcomers - sce2y7v, 3rd period - yotqrzz, 4th period -nzpugnb, 5th period - xrojk2j, 6th period - 2ignz5y, 7th period -hujvklh


    • Virtual Reality Google Expedition Kit - Ed Camp
    • The Love for Reading in My First Language - Birdville Education Foundation
    • The International Bookshelf - Birdville Education Foundation


    • Blended Learning Classroom
    • SIOP Model
    • TEKS
    • ELPs - English Language Proficiency Standards
    • LPDs - Language Proficiency Descriptors
    • Kegan Cooperative Grouping
    • CHAMPS
    • ESL Institute – Jenadel Language Services
    • Marzono's 6 Step Process 
    • Word within the Word
    • Vocab Journey
    • Honors Reading Program 
    • Scholarship Program for Hispanics
    • Tween Tribune Current Events
    • Seymour Papert's Makerspace

     Grades in Skyward

    The  daily  grade average  shall represent  one-half (1/2) of the  grade. The major test/project average shall represent one-half (1/2) of the grade.  There shall be a minimum of eight (8)separate daily grades and three (3) separate major grades each six (6) weeks.  At least one major grade and 3 daily grades should be entered by the end of the first three weeks of each six weeks.




    Hispanic Scholarships


    Teacher Login for BISD Resources



    Students will be tested for English proficiency near the end of the school year. Teachers will collect writing samples in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Writing samples will be rated and reported to administration.


    STAAR Test

    Newcomers and ELLs may be eligible to take STAAR L online.



    Tutorial times: Monday - Wednesday Mornings - 8:00 to 8:30 

    1st Period - Newcomers ELD 

    2nd Period - Newcomers Reading 

    3rd Period - ESL Enrichment 

    4th Period - ESL Enrichment

    5th Period - ESL Enrichment 

    6th Period - ESL Enrichment 

    7th Period - ESL Enrichment 

    8th Period - Conference 


    ❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞ ‒ Nelson Mandela  

     Phone Number: 817-547-4400