Picture of Ms. Haney
  • Chanda Haney

    5th Grade Math Teacher 



    Conference Period



    8:00-8:10      Preparing for the day. Writing in our Paw Planner. Bell rings at 8:10am.

    8:20-9:10      Conference Period (students are at Specials)

    9:10-10:40    Rotation 1 (Haney's homeroom go to Reading/Social Studies)

    10:40-11:40  WIN (What I Need- Intervention and Enrichment)

    11:40-12:32  Rotation 2 (Haney's homeroom go to Science/Writing)

    12:32-1:11    Lunch/Recess

    1:15-1:50      Rotation 2 continues

    1:50-3:20      Rotation 3 (Haney homeroom go to Math)

    3:25              Dismissal- we will meet you at the front of the building.

                         Please bring the pink dismissal card in order to pick up your child.