Birdville Education Foundation

  • teachers

    The Birdville Education Foundation is designed to improve the educational opportunities for Birdville ISD students. Its mission is to support innovative learning and promote educational excellence. A volunteer supported organization, the foundation funds grants that allows our educators to invigorate students' minds by stimulating creative thinking, encouraging innovation, broadening life experiences and enriching classroom environments. The foundation was designed to help ALL students and teachers. 
    Birdville Education Foundation understands the need to secure our future.

    Providing additional opportunities for our teachers to help encourage and teach our youth is essential to growing our community. Our belief in this approach is what helps us gain support for our grants and programs. Our hope is to raise enough money so every child has the opportunity to pursue their dreams in and out of the classroom through the involvement of BEF and it’s supporters. As our children learn and grow, our community gains unity and growth now and in the future.