Birdville ISD Elementary Libraries and Librarians
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Birdville Elementary

Birdville Elem. Catalog

Birdville Library site

Susanne Stutheit

David E. Smith Elementary

Smith Catalog

Smith Library site

Darla Young
Carrie F. Thomas ElementaryCFT Catalog  CFT Library siteTara Greene

Foster Village Elementary

Foster Village Catalog

Foster Village site

Lynda Pelletier

Grace Hardeman Elementary

Hardeman Catalog  

Hardeman Library site

Cindy Bailey

Green Valley Elementary

Green Valley Catalog

Green Valley Library site

Heather Madis

Holiday Heights Elementary

Holiday Heights Catalog

Holiday Heights Library site

Susan Wright

Jack C. Binion Elementary

Binion Catalog 

Binion Library site

Regina Venegas

John D. Spicer Elementary

Spicer Catalog

Spicer Library site

Tarah Doughty

Major Cheney Elementary

Cheney Catalog

Cheney Library site

Susanne Stutheit

Mullendore Elementary

Mullendore Catalog

Mullendore Library site

Peggy Saint-Michel

North Ridge Elementary

North Ridge Catalog

North Ridge Library site

Heather Madis

O. H. Stowe Elementary

Stowe Catalog

Stowe Library site

Kristina Krengel

Richland Elementary   

Richland Catalog

Richland Library site

Peggy Saint-Michele

Smithfield Elementary

Smithfield Catalog

Smithfield Library site

Tarah Doughty

Snow Heights Elementary

Snow Heights Catalog   

Snow Heights Library site

Charlotte Cleveland

W. A. Porter Elementary

Porter Catalog  

Porter Library site

Carie Wells

Walker Creek Elementary

Walker Creek Catalog

Walker Creek site

Susan Smith

Watauga Elementary

Watauga Catalog

Watauga Library site

Carrie Jakus

West Birdville ElementaryWest CatalogWest Library siteKathy Grupe

W. T. Francisco Elementary

Francisco Catalog

Francisco Library site

Darla Young