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    Come to the Tech Lab or the Library before school Tuesday -Thursday and join the Maker Movement!

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    Surf Together
    Stay Safe.
    Many sites and programs, even great sites, will ask you to create an account or register before you use their content. This is also a way to save your preferences or your work so you can go back to it later.
    Always ask for your parents' permission if any website asks for your personal information such as your email address.
    Ask permission to download any content or before you register or set up an account on any site. Just  ask your parents to create an account for you if they approve a site or online activity.

    Why libraries are still important:  freedom.  

    "Since the founding of our country, libraries have always been important to freedom. Today we are in the midst of a tremendous shift in the way Americans consume literature and other content, but one thing has not changed -- the library must continue to play a central role in providing open and free access to information and ideas."
    Haber, Steve.  “The Changing Role of Libraries in a Digital Age.” Huffington Post, Jan 13 2011. Web. 15 Jul 2012
    Libraries remain a great equalizer between the "haves" and "have-nots". Qualified librarians provide the help and guidance needed to acquire the resources and skills to access literature and information.  Research confirms that access to these free resources with the assistance of a certified librarian results in increased literacy and academic success.  Support the funding of your public libraries. Advocate for a full-time certified librarian at every public school. Our students deserve it.
    Freedom is worth fighting for. 
    North Ridge Library and Courtyard
    Every child needs a safe place to fall - a place where he or she can explore things without worrying about failure and judgment. A library is one of those places. In a library you can learn by following your own nose, which is very different from someone telling you what you should learn. Once a kid learns a library is hers, to use as she wants, the world opens up. I've seen it happen. It happened to me. -- Grammy-winning Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller Bill Harley