This is a picture of the great Math Magician, Mr. Bumpas
    • Welcome to Mr. Bumpas' 5th Grade Math Class!

      Get ready for an awesome year!!!  



      Phone: 817-547-1543

      Class Schedule:

       8:00-8:15     Announcements, Pledges, Lunch count

      8:20-9:10      Specials/Planning

      9:15-10:20    Math with Bumpas' Homeroom

      10:20-11:30  Math with Griffis' Homeroom

      11:30-12:30  Intervention/PE

      12:35-1:05    Lunch

      1:10-2:10      Math with Nogueras' Homeroom

      2:10-3:10      Math with Talent's Homeroom

      3:10              End of the Day Procedures


    • Dear Parents,

      I really enjoy teaching and working with children.  I love the moment for children when the "light bulb" goes on and something that was once challenging becomes something that is understood and attainable.  I believe that a child's self esteem and overall confidence are intricately tied into his or her feeling of academic success, but when learning becomes a challenge, a child's self confidence deteriorates quickly.  During my 18 years of teaching, I have found that my personal creativity, energy, excitement and patience have helped motivate students about learning, even when the material is challenging and difficult to understand.    

      I look forward to helping your child find success this year!!!