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    Friday, July 21, 2017

    Michael Hanson
    Secondary Digital Learning Specialist 
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    Michael is part of a group of strong group of our district's digital leaders. Michael uses his strength in creativity to help design and implement district-wide initiatives.

    His career in education began as an 8th grade Math teacher in the same middle school he attended in South Dakota.  He was then recruited by Terry Buckner from Fort Worth ISD, where he taught 7th and 8th grade Math and coached boys basketball. After moving to South Fort Worth, Michael joined the Crowley ISD team, where he taught 7th grade History, Science, and Writing. After eight successful years in the classroom, a door opened that brought back a comment made by the Technology Grants Director who hired him as a tech fellow. Designed to assist professors with emerging technology. "Michael, you are a good tech fellow and it would be wise of you to keep an eye open to a new and fast growing field of education called instructional technology" 

    "At the time it kind of went in one ear and out the other. Until Fort Worth ISD sent out a posting for instructional technology specialist."  -Michael
    Now, in his 16th year of education, Michael takes a zen-like approach to instruction, one where students are doing the work and less from the instructor will often yield more results. Michael believes that the driving force of his passion for education is a bit nature and a bit nurture from his grandfather who had taught High School Biology. He strives to make a meaningful impact on students and staff members by guiding and assisting their learning. All of his efforts are guided by the designing of an individual or campus technology strategic action plans. The goals address the specific needs of each person and campus. These goals are built upon the foundation of our district initiatives and Learning Platform.
    This year Michael plans to continue his strong support to all BISD student and staff. Michael often uses a coaching model that is intertwined with the BISD Learning Platform and is deeply rooted in individual growth. By taking learners from their point A to their point B, momentum is gained which can create the right environment for a mind shift in pedagogy.

    What to expect when working with Michael. The process begins by addressing the end goal and standards first. We then move into student-centered lesson design with a focus on the type of authentic products we want learners to design, create,by and achieve. Often times the designing stage is followed by co-teaching and modeling best practices in structure and strategies. Last, and most importantly, is the reflection and debrief meeting. This meeting often ends with new ideas of what to try on upcoming lessons. 
    "Learning is challenging, if you are not feeling challenged then you are not engaged in real growth. For knowledge is not in the answer to the problem, it is found in your struggle for the answer."  -Michael Hanson & Proverb