2016-2017 CAMPUS NEWS

  • 8th Grader Advances to District Spelling Bee

    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 12/15/2015

    Spelling Bee


    Congratulations to Emma P. for winning the Annual Richland Middle School Spelling Bee!! Last year she took 2nd Place, and nothing stopped her from taking all the glory this year! Cassidy W. and Juan A. placed 2nd and 3rd this year. Emma now advances to the District Spelling Bee, date TBA. Congratulations Emma and all our participants!! You did a great job! And Emma, your hard work and dedication paid off!!

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    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 11/11/2015



     Band and Choir

    Middle School Band Members Excel at District Audition

    More than 400 seventh and eighth grade members of BISD’s middle school band programs recently competed in the All-Birdville Middle School Honor Band auditions. 118 students were selected as members of this highly competitive organization. 24 of the 118 are from Richland Middle School. This makes Richland the District Champioins!!
    These students are: Isaiah A., Harley B., Ana C., Javier C., Matthew F., Jacob F., Michelle G., Zach H., Lila K., Diego L., Laisha L., Pedro M., John O., Imanol O., Gino P., Tori P., Jocelyn R., Mason R., Alyse S., Ben S., Davon T., Matthew T., Catherine T., Jasmine T. and Damon L. (Alternate)
    (Bold represents first chair) (November 2015)
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  • Region Choir Members!!!

    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 10/29/2015




    We have three students who have been chosen

    for Region Choir this year!!


    Congratulations to 

    Trevor M. 7th Chair Baritone,

    Jocelyn R. 7th Chair Alto,

    and Yenci M. 1st Alternate Alto.

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    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 9/11/2015
    Richland Middle School Band  
    The Texas State Honor Band results were announced and Richland Middle School Honor Winds Band placed 9th overall among ALL Texas middle schools! Richland Middle School Honor Winds Band is now in the history books.
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  • "Perfect" Gets Superior Rating

    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 4/14/2015 6:30:00 PM
    "Perfect" received a superior rating this weekend.
    Keshandra D. won Best Actress.
    Shelby S. and Quan N. are selected as All-Star Cast while Will S. gets Top Technical. 
    Chris G. and Adyson H. receive Honorable Mention All-Star Cast.
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  • Miguel Earns Region Chair

    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 3/18/2015 1:00:00 PM

    Region Chair  
    Congratulations to 8th Grader - Miguel M. He made the region choir with 9th chair! Over 1000 students auditioned from across the area, but only 150 were selected to be members of this prestigious choir!
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  • Ashton Wins PTA Reflections Photography Contest

    Posted by Campus Webmaster on 3/2/2015 4:00:00 PM
    PTA Reflections  
    6th Grade RMS student - Ashton B. won this year's PTA Reflections contest in the category of Photography. Her entry now moves to the state level competition.
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