Robyn Landers
  • Robyn Landers

    5th Grade Teacher



    Tutorials: These will start after student need is identified


    Conference Period: 8:55-9:45



    8:00-8:10- Greet Students

    8:10-8:20- Morning Announcements

    8:20-8:50- Literacy WINtime

    8:55-9:45- Specials 

    9:50-12:15- Block 1

    Landers Homeroom (Math/Science with Mrs. Whitehurst)

    Whitehurst Homeroom (Reading/Writing/Social Studies with Mrs. Landers)


    12:20-12:50- Lunch

    12:50-1:05- Recess

    1:05- 3:15-Block 2

    Whitehurst Homeroom (Math/Science with Mrs. Whitehurst)

    Landers Homeroom (Reading/Writing/Social Studies with Mrs. Landers)


    3:20-3:25- Dismissal


    GATE @ Porter Elementary on Thursdays from 8:35-2:00