• Welcome to IPC and Environmental Systems HHS Buffs!

    Thursday, July 18, 2019
    Hello, my name is Erica Linebaugh and this will be my seventh year at HHS. I have been teaching science for 10 years. I received both my BS in Biology (2005) and my Masters in Science Education (2009) from the University of North Texas. 
    Phone: 817-547-6124
    E-mail: erica.linebaugh@birdvilleschools.net   
    Conference Time: 1:02-1:48pm

    Tuesday &Thursday

    2:40-3:10 pm

    **Students should arrive promptly after school.
    **tutorial videos are linked by unit here if a student cannot make a tutotial session 
    Tutorials are offered to assist students with assignments, test corrections, questions or any other needs a student may have. If a student needs assistance an instructor will be available to assist. This is a privilege and students should be on time and respectful of the teachers time. It is the students responsibility to be in charge of their learning and ask for help if they need it; even if their instructor is not available. We plan as a chemistry team, therefore students can see any instructor above with their questions and they will receive assistance.  

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    Daily SCHEDULE by class period:

    1.    IPC                                 7:30-8:17

    2.    Environmental Syst.         8:23-9:10

    3.    IPC                                 9:16-10:03

    4.    Environmental Syst.       10:09-10:56

    5.    Environmental Syst.       11:01-12:56 D  LUNCH

    6.    Conference                      1:02-1:48

    7.    IPC                                 1:54-2:40  


    Ecology Webquest

    (assigned on 9/27)

            Link 1- Ecosystems BRAINPOP

            Quiz Link - Ecosystem Quiz

            Link 2 - Rainforest BRAINPOP

            Link 3- Make a Food Web

            Link 4- Energy in food chains

            Quiz link- Food Chains Quiz        

    Spheres Webquest Link 

    Cycles Webquest Links 

    Link 1

    Link 2

     Link 3

    Physical and Chemical Changes and Properties LINKS 

    Location 1


    Location 2


    Location 3

    **video link Kitchen Chemical Changes


    Location 4


    Location 5


    Location 6

    email erica.linebaugh@birdvilleschools.net