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    7th Period  STEM


    It is last minute, but I was needed to help with spelling bee.  Sit out at the tables in the middle of the foyer, your last video is on Canvas.    Be sure to read my notes in Canvas.  If you can’t get into Canvas, I am putting it on my faculty page for North Richland Middle for today.   Several of us will be checking in with you.  


    Objectives for today

    • Finish summary of Patricia Moore’s zoom/expert talk. 
      •  Be sure to include her title and function for the Artemis project.   
      • Your summary needs to be 7-8 sentences – as a team. 
      • Link it to an Expert Talks tab on your website. 



    • Game Plan – the amount of work needed in the next 6 weeks is ---A LOT ---.  Go back to our breakdown, what are you looking at first, then….


    Y’all can take these papers to the tables...





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