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    Wednesday, June 19, 2019
    Name: Nicole Pool
    Phone: 817-547-5083
    Conference Time: 1st period (8:40 to 9:24)
    Subject: 7th Grade ELA/PAP ELA
    Tutorials- Tues, Wed, and Thursday after school 
    Class Schedule:
    1st Period Conference 8:40 to 9:24
    2nd Period Pre-AP ELA 8:28 to 10:14
    3rd Period PLC  10:18 to 11:02
    4th Period Pre-AP ELA 11:06 to 11:50
    5th Period On-level ELA 11:54 to 1:26
    6th Period On-level ELA 1:30 to 2:14
    7th Period Pre-AP ELA 2:18 to 3:02
    8th Period Pre-AP ELA 3:06 to 3:50

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Last Modified on August 16, 2018