• Kerri Sands

    Kerri Sands

    I am so excited to be beginning my first year as the Principal of Richland Elementary. I have already been welcomed by the staff at Richland and look forward to meeting the students, family and the community members. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this great school.

    The mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment so that the students become socially and academically successful. I am in total agreement with this mission and will do my best to uphold this pledge with all students. I feel strongly that when a school builds a strong bond between staff, students, parents and the community together we can accomplish almost anything. I can assure you that our teachers and staff members are truly dedicated here at our school. They have spent many hours of their own time working this summer to get prepared so that everything is ready for your children as they begin this school year. I know that our staff will continue with that same dedication throughout his year to make sure that your child gets the best education possible.

    Our PTA is just as dedicated as the staff here at Richland. The PTA has planned many fun family events this year including movie nights, a school carnival, and programs involving our students. The PTA members work alongside our staff to provide the support needed to make Richland an outstanding school. I strongly encourage you to join our PTA and become involved in the lives of our students. I encourage you to go to BISD and sign up to be a volunteer so that you will be able to assist with parties, field trips, field day and help out in your child’s classroom. It is so rewarding to see the children as they learn and grow and we would love to see many families involved here at Richland. It is my hope that you to talk to your child’s teacher to see how you can get involved.

    Helping to keep your child feel safe at school is one of our top priorities. Last year BISD implemented a new buzzer system at our front door. Please know that you are always welcome here and that this new system is just to help us monitor visitors as they come in and out of our building. Everyone here at Richland wants the very best for your children and wants to ensure their safety. We will be implementing a new dismissal procedure this year to also increase your child’s safety. We will send more information about this procedure at the beginning of the year.

    We are very excited that Richland Elementary has been painted over the summer. Everything looks great and I know that this new paint job will make an even better learning environment for your children. I can’t wait for the students to see how wonderful everything looks.

    I am ready to work alongside you in any way I can to help your child become successful.  Please contact me if you have any questions, and I will do my best to assist you.  It is truly a blessing to be a part of Richland Elementary.

    Kerri Sands