Distance Learning & Media Retrieval
(also DMS)
distance learning & media retrieval
Several campuses have designated distance learning labs. We also provide mobile distance learning units that can be shared between campuses.
Media retrieval systems allow teachers and administrators to broadcast media to classrooms from a central repository of media.
Ultimately all media retrieval systems will be migrated to the Cisco DMS solution.

DMS (Digital Media Services)

Rauland-Borg Gen2

Cisco DMS


101 Birdville EL 001 Haltom HS 001 Haltom HS 003 Shannon LC
102 Smith EL 010 Birdville HS 002 Richland HS 041 Haltom MS
103 Francisco EL 042 North Richland MS 011 BCTAL 043 Richland MS
109 Cheney EL 044 North Oaks MS   105 Mullendore EL
111 West Birdville EL 045 Watauga MS   117 Foster Village EL
  046 Smithfield MS    
  047 North Ridge MS    
  104 Binion EL    
  106 Richland EL    
  107 Smithfield EL    
  108 Snow Heights EL    
  110 Stowe EL    
  112 Holiday Heights EL    
  113 Watauga EL    
  114 Hardeman EL    
  115 Porter EL    
  116 Thomas EL    
  118 North Ridge EL  


  119 Spicer EL  

High Schools

  120 Green Valley EL  

Middle Schools

  121 Walker Creek EL  

Elementary Schools