• Birdville Curriculum 21

    Birdville ISD is committed to equipping students for success beyond the walls of the school campus. As such, we recognize that a complete education needs to go beyond the teaching and learning of basic skills. It must also enable students to think critically, solve problems, work in a collaborative environment, and create innovative solutions to old and new issues.

    The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is an organization comprised of business, political, and academic leaders. They have put together a Framework for 21st Century Learning which outlines key skills today's students/tomorrow's movers and shakers will need to master. The entire Framework can be downloaded here
    (requires Acrobat Reader). Additionally, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) had created a series of National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) documents. These documents go beyond simply advocating basic technology competencies to focusing on the broader, high-level skills students need to succeed. They provide a useful resource for teachers wishing to infuse the curriculum with new and relevant learning outcomes. Click to access the NETS for students, teachers, or administrators.
    BISD 21st Century Learning 'Imagineering' Student Summit, Spring 2009
    How do Birdville students want to learn in the 21st century? What tools do they want to use? Click the play button below to see what middle and high school students 'imagineered.'