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     Today is Monday, October 23, 2017
     [Scholars Working to Advance Technology]
    Green Valley's Technology Club
     Sponsor: Mr. Keith Davis
    Phone: (817) 547-3464
    Meeting Time: Tuesday/Friday 3:45 -4:45
     S.W.A.T. -
    S.W.A.T. stands for Scholars Working to Advance Technology. Our motto "Ne Plus Ultra", means nothing more beyond, to reflect that we are reaching towards the highest point of achievement.
    Seven years ago, a group of scholars attended a Technology Showcase. Mr. Davis asked these scholars if they would like help start  a Technology Club for fourth and fifth graders.
    Work went into planning, finding projects, signing scholars up. We chose the name S.W.A.T. that stands for Scholars Working to Advance Technology and made “Ne Plus Ultra” our motto, which means Nothing More Beyond—the highest point of achievement which brings a level of excellence to our projects.
    Our first year was spent mostly in making movies and learning different things you can do with technology.
    Year two - we moved into more projects like infomercials, short movies, Stop motion animation, and high tech drawing.
    Year three - we introduced a green screen and made some cool Stop-motion films.
    Year four -  we introduced Team Captains, Badges in moviemaking, Genealogy, geocaching, and a few others.
    In 2013-2014 some new badges were introduced including one in Mock Crime Scene Investigation. We also worked on incorporating the CORE Values into our projects.

    In our 8th year (2016-2017), there will be some restructuring, teams will be divided into squads to provide more collaboration and accountability in the badges they earn, with a higher level of achievement and accountability. There are also some new projects to work on and some new Field Trip opportunities. 


    Meetings are held every Tuesday and Friday after school from 3:45—4:45 in the Gator Lab [Room 112]. Mr. Davis volunteers his time to provide a fun, extra-learning time. Scholars commit to coming to the club and using available technology responsibly. Scholars are also required to keep their grades at a passing level and their conduct at either an S or E.


    S.W.A.T. members are a select team of fourth and fifth grade scholars, who have submitted an application and referral by a certain deadline, consistently maintain their grades and conduct, and are committed to the advancement of technology.


    As soon as all applications have been turned in, referrals made, and members accepted, the Team Captains sit down with Mr. Davis and choose who they would like on their team. We will announce this in our first meeting.


    Applications are due to Mr. Davis, Friday, September 1, 2017.  You may fill one out on paper [distributed  by Mr. D], or submit the Google form - Application. The applicant will then be placed on a candidate list.  After reviewing the applications with the school counselor, acceptance letters will be given to those who have been accepted when the process is complete. Information will be included concerning the first meeting.

    Looking forward to the Ninth year of
    Advancing Technology!

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