• WELCOME to Mr. POOL's Class Page

photo of Mr. Pool
  • Mr. Pool’s Class Schedule

    8:00-8:15      Students prepare to learn + Pledge of Allegiance & Moment of Silence


    8:15-10:45    The learning begins!

     *Mr. Pool’s class is with Mrs. Jones for ELA/ Reading/ Writing and Social Studies

     *Mrs. Jones’s class is with Mr. Pool for Math and Science


    10:45-11:15   W.I.N. Time (What I Need)


    11:15-12:10    SPECIALS

     *Pool HR    (P.E. – Walker M, T, Th) (Music 1st / Web Lab 2nd W, F) 

     *Jones HR  (P.E. - Walker M, W, F) (Music 1st / Computer 2nd T, Th)


    12:10-12:15   Switch Back


    12:15-12:45   Lunch (then Restroom Break)


    1:00-3:20    The learning continues!

     *Mr. Pool’s homeroom class has Math and Science

     *Mrs. Jones’s homeroom class has ELA/ Reading/ Writing and Social Studies


     3:20-3:25    Prepare to Dismiss



                         Library Times:

                       *Mr. Pool’s Class - Wednesday 9:45-10:15

                       *Mrs. Jones’s Class - Wednesday 1:45-2:15