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    Name:  Lori Teague, RN
    Phone: 817-547-2812     Fax:  817-581-5496
    Hours:  7:50-3:50 
    Conference Time:  Flexible
    I am proud to serve as the school nurse at Hardeman Elementary. 
    This is my 15th year at Hardeman, so for me it has become a second
    home and I consider the students and staff as a big family.
    I enjoy the daily opportunity that I have to care for the children and to
    assist in their education.  My personal philosophy on working with
    children is that they thrive when they feel they are being heard and
    that their feelings are important.   With that approach I believe that the
    Hardeman school clinic feels like a safe and caring place.

    Nurse Lori

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