Name:  Sarah Upchurch
Phone:  817.547.2700
 Sarah Upchurch
 Welcome Wildcat Families!
Watauga Elementary is an incredible school!!

Watauga Elementary is a campus of diverse students and adults that work together to achieve academic successes--all the while nurturing and supporting each other to be all that we can be.  It’s exciting, isn’t it?  To help our children grow into the little people we’d always dreamed they could be? That’s what our faculty and staff does every day!  I cannot begin to explain the satisfaction that working with your children brings me and the other folks at Watauga Elementary.  We know how special your children are—we see it in them every day!


My job at Watauga Elementary is to serve.  I serve as your principal by casting a vision for continued academic successes for our school.  I serve our teachers by helping to meet their needs and help them to grow as professionals as well.  I serve our students by having high expectations for what kind of person they can be and then helping them to meet those expectations.  I give them hugs or high fives.  I laugh at their jokes.  I give them a Wildcat Wave in the hallway.  I hold them accountable to being good citizens and I remind them that I love them even if they forget the rules sometimes.  I help make school a happy and safe place to be for everyone there.  And, of course, I serve our Watauga families. Please feel free to drop me a note, shoot me an email, or give me a call.  I’m here to serve you as well; so,if there is a need or concern you have, please know that I am one of the (many!) people you can contact to help.  I want our students AND our families to feel good about school. 


When I’m not working alongside my Watauga Elementary Family, I’m probably enjoying my own personal family!  I have been married for 15 years.  We have two great kids who both attend Watauga right alongside me. We enjoy spending time with our friends, watching home improvement shows, reading, or riding our bikes through the NRH bike trails. 
We are a silly little family…and I believe the same joy we create at our home can be found in the very halls of 5937 Whitley Road. 
Watauga Elementary is a great place to be!



Striving every day to let my light shine…Blessed to be a Wildcat!

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Last Modified on August 14, 2016