Terri Wilson
  • Terri Wilson

    Pre AP Spanish 3, AP Spanish 4, AP Spanish 5

    Lead World Languages Teacher, BISD




    2019-2020 Class Schedule:
    1st      PreAP Spanish 3 (PAP 3) 
    2nd     PreAP Spanish 3 (PAP 3)
    3rd      PreAP Spanish 3 (PAP 3)
    4th      AP Spanish Language & Culture (AP 4)
    5th      World Languages Campus Visits/Mentoring
    6th      AP Spanish Literature & Culture (AP 5)
    7th      Conference (1:55-2:40 p.m.)
    --Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings 6:50-7:20 a.m.
    (Each student must have a written pass from me and an appointment.)
    --Monday and Wednesday afternoons 2:45-3:15 p.m.
    (No pass is required for afternoon tutorials.)
    If I am unavailable, alternate tutorial locations are as follows:
    --C309 with Profesora Norat 
    --C403 with Profesora Crespo