Mary Renfrow's picture
  • Name: Mary Renfrow
    Title: Kindergarten Teacher
    Conference Time:12:25-1:15

    Class Schedule:

    8:10- 8:30 Morning work

    8:30- 10:00 SLAR and ELAR

    10:00- 11:00 Social Studies

    11:00-11:30 Lunch

    11:30- 12:30 Writing

    12:30 -1:15 Rotations

    1:20-1:35 Recess

    1:45- 3:00 Math

    3:25 Dismissal


    Welcome to Mrs. Renfrow's Kindergarten class.  I am so excited to be here at Birdville Elementary.  This is my 18th year to teach.  Growing up in Richland Hills I got the opportunity to attend Birdville schools.  I now live in Fort Worth with my husband and our two dogs Charlie and Duchess.