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      Karen Kallas        karen.kallas@birdvilleschools.net         
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      Classroom:  817-547-3886  Cell:  817-233-9292
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      Education and Training Opportunities in Birdville ISD
      The following courses are part of the recommended sequence of Education and Training courses.  Students may take one or more of these courses in high school.
      • Principles of Education and Training (1 credit - recommended for grades 9 - 12)
        • Students will be introduced to the various careers available in education and training.  Development of a graduation plan and exploration of the knowledge and skills needed to for a career in this area will be the focus.
      • Human Growth and Development (1 credit - recommended for grades 10 - 12)
        • This course will walk students through development across the lifespan.  Emphasis will be placed on physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.
      • Instructional Practices in Education and Training (2 credits - recommended for grades 11 and 12)
        • Students will get an opportunity to learn and practice principles of effective teaching and knowledge of early childhood education by interning at a local BISD classroom. 
      • Practicum in Education and Training (2 credits - grade 12)
        • This second year of interning will provide an in-depth opportunity for students as they work with small and large groups of students, prepare learning activities, and complete a wide array of duties performed by educators.